Saturday, July 30, 2005


I've made yet another step toward planting new roots in that Louisiana Bayou... I just registered a new phone number with a New Orleans area code. In typical internet fashion I'm not actually "wired" but instead I used my Skype account to set up a number that rings my computer or, if I'm not on, sends to Skype voicemail.

Every new action moves me in the direction of New Orleans. Each step takes me just one bit further into a new life.

I find myself observing my emotions and my thoughts as if I was a seaparate person watching from the sidelines as the other person that is also me moves through this new existence.

Heading into the Sunrise...

Well... I've made another step in my break with the past and my launch out into the future. I booked my flight - my ONE WAY flight - to New Orleans for bright and early Friday morning.

Ths flight on Southwest Airlines leaves the Oakland Airport at 8:10 am. Not really that horrible a time to be flying except for the fact that to get through all the bullshit proceedures and get my coveted A ticket I have to be there by at least 6:00. I've a great temptation to try and push my luck and take the Airporter from Petaluma that doesn't reach the airport until 7:30, but I probably don't have the ultimate daring to pull that off. So, my alternative is to get up at 3:15 am to make an Airporter that leaves at 3:45 so I can wait for 3 hours to board my flight. I've made this trip many times, and every time I make it, I swear to the gods that I am not going to do it again, but then it comes up on my flight ordering screen and I think about the price and I think about the fact that it puts me into New Orleans in time to make it to the Satchmo Summerfest Club Strut that evening, and well... I just can't resist. So, for one last time, I will make the trek to Oakland, sit and listen to my iTunes for three hours, and board that bird as it heads into the sunrise bound for the Big Easy.

Frankly, it's beginning to feel all a little crazy. That "what the hell am I doing" feeling has begun to creep into the back of my mind on a fairly regular basis. But at the same time, I am finnding a lift of spirit and a playfulness of heart that I have not felt in years and years and years.

It's time to go. One week from now I will have been a resident of New Orleans for 24 hours.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Testing the audio features... yeah, okay I'm geekin' out here.

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By the way... you can find my semi-regular (I call it daily, but I'm not there yet) podcast of Blues Music history and happenings at

You can also find it on iTunes under BluesRoutes.

The first post...

Well... first off, some truth in advertising.

I say in my profile that I live in New Orleans. That's not quite true (except in my head) yet.

Actually, I have one more week to go as a resident of Northern California, where I have lived for the past 28 years. Next Friday morning I hop on a plane, leaving almost all of my worldly goods behind forever and wing my way to the Crescent City where I have decided to begin a new life. A new life of new friends, new music, new food and new - as yet unforeseen - experiences.

I decided that I would begin work on this blog as a way of recording that transition, as well as the standard reflections on all things current and incurrent.

Anyway... Here we go... Hope you enjoy the ride.